Monday, November 14, 2005

Hermeneutics Never Sounded So Good!

Brothers and sisters the Conference was off the chain! I do not believe it an exaggeration to say that this was the most encouraging, faith-building, and important conference I have ever attended. I am sure that most of those who attended would give similiar testimony. The good folks of Glendale Baptist Church went the extra-mile in service and hospitality. The speakers faithfully discharged their duties with joy and spoke the truth with grace. Most of you were not in attendance, but I urge you to let that be the last time. Next year, we will gather again to build upon the momentum. The necessity of Scriptural authority was laid as the foundation of our faithfuly labors, now we will seek to build upon that foundation. You will not want to miss. The wheels of this movement are rolling - slowly rolling maybe - but they are rolling. Jump on and lets ride God's sovereign, historic, magnanimous grace together.

Since most of you were not in attendence, over the next week or so (I must attend another conference at week's end :-) I will try to relate to you some of the highlights. I will be letting you know when the tapes and cds from the conference are available.

The theme of the conference was: "The Authority of Scripture: Why Hermeneutics Matter." The speaking schedule consisted of:

Ricky Armstrong - "The Authority of Scripture: Why Hermeneutics Matter"
Ken Jones - "Safeguarding Your Hermeneutic"
Robert Godfrey - "The Redemptive Historical Hermeneutic, Pt. 1"
Ken Jones - "The Dangers in Failing to Safeguard Your Hermeneutic"
Sherard Burns - "The Hermeneutic of Prosperity Preachers"
Anthony Carter - "Hermeneutics and Christian Experience"
Michael Leach - "Covenant Hermeneutic and the Church"
Ricky Armstrong -"The Hermeneutic of Church Office"
Lance Lewis - "Hermeneutics and the Essence of Biblical Worship"
Robert Godfrey - "The Redemptive Historical Hermeneutic, Pt. 2"

Stay tuned. Hermeneutics never sounded so good!


sabbath day's journey said...

I wanted to say hello. I am a campus minister with Coalition for Christian Outreach, and I will actually get to meet you next month when you speak at our December staff seminar. I'm really looking forward to it. I read your book On Being Black and Reformed; I thought it was really well written and I learned quite a bit. I really liked it. Found out about your blog through the C.C.O. website, so I will be stopping by regularly. By the way, you have a really beautiful family.:)


Paul Schafer said...

Anthony, I emailed you on your blogger email.

Thank you,