Friday, September 16, 2005

The Solus Christus Project

Now I'm not a rap type of guy. Even though back in the day you could have found me chillin' with the fellas listenin' to a little Run DMC or even better, Eric B and Rakim, my taste for rap left me long ago. I don't particularly find it spiritually encouraging or edifying. Nonetheless, I do understand and appreciate that there are many brothers and sisters who find in rap an avenue of spiritual and intellectual stimulation. They find it not only entertaining but edifying as well. Since this is true, I am pleased that there are brothers who are see are serious about the theological content of their lyrics. If you are into rap music, and don't know Shai Linne, you should. Here is a brother who is seeking to lay down lyrics that are theologically-integrated, biblically-consistent, and intentionally reformational. If I did listen to rap, I would listen to Shai Linne. The name of the album itself, should tell you something of the genuine seriousness of this brother: The Solus Christus Project. Check it out!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Refreshing Wind

There is a breeze blowing across the landscape that is African-American Christianity. It's not yet a whirlwind, nor has it reached wind storm capacity. But it is a refreshing wind that by God's grace is growing stronger and stronger. What is it, you ask? It is the truth of Reformed Theology that is catching hold of African-Americans all over the country. As I travel and spend time speaking with more and more Christians, I am dutifully encouraged by God's sovereign mercy in revealing His truth to His people. Yet, some still are sincerely asking, "What is Reformed Theology?" This is one of my favorite questions to answer. I supplied a brief interpretation of Reformed Theology in my book "On Being Black and Reformed." A very good explanation is also given by Rev. Michael Leach in the article "Why Reformed Theology?" We have been told that it is impossible to catch the wind. Well this wind is catchable. Read the article and see if you don't catch it. Or better yet, it swoops you up!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Desire Street in USA Today

Today there was an article in USA Today on former Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel and the work he is doing with Desire Street ministries. If you did not get a chance to read it, you can by going to the link "Wuerffel Says Katrina Won't Destroy Ministry."

Who's in Control?

During these times of lost and frustration, many are wondering what to do and where to turn. As the government is rolling up its sleeves while at the same time pointing fingers, Rev. Michael Campell gives us a fresh and encouraging word from Jackson, MS. Listen to his sermon: What Do We Do Now? 2Cor. 4:16-18

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I am amazed at how many responses I received from the atheist community concerning my last post. I do want to apologize if anyone inferred from my remarks that I was suggesting that atheist should not give to the relief effort. That was not my intention. It is all of our responsibility as human beings, and particularly as Americans, to give in support of the relief for the victims of Katrina. As John Donne rightly said, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."

I also want to apologize to the Infidel Guy for referring to his work as his "brain cramp." That was a comment made in jest, but admittedly it was not called for.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Fool and His Money

Today I was at the website of The Infidel Guy. This is the brain cramp of Reginald Vaughn Finley who is an African-American, strong freethinking Atheist. As I was at his site, I noticed that he had a couple of links for donations for the survivors of Katrina. I could not help but wonder, why he would give his money to such a hopeless, useless cause as saving humanity. I mean, what difference does it make if they die today or next week or next year? Human beings are nothing more than a fortuitous collection of molecules, highly evolved tadpoles, right? I wonder if he will have donations for all those displaced tadpoles along the Gulf Coast. Oh.... wait a minute.... if the free(enslaved)thinkers are right, these monies are for the displaced tadpoles. No wonder the bible calls this the thinking of a fool (Ps. 14:1; 53:1). God be exalted (Ps. 46:10)!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Support for Katrina Victims

The half has yet to be told of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina has left in New Orleans and other parts of the Southern coast. If you are interested in supporting with prayers and donations, you can give to Desire Street Ministries. You can read about Desire Street Ministries in the latest By Faith Magazine in an article "Desire Street: Bringing the Word to Life." They have lost alot and are in need of our prayers and support. Let us be the body of Christ to them and all others to whom we can at this time of crisis. By God's sovereign mercy and justice, it could be us next time.