Friday, September 16, 2005

The Solus Christus Project

Now I'm not a rap type of guy. Even though back in the day you could have found me chillin' with the fellas listenin' to a little Run DMC or even better, Eric B and Rakim, my taste for rap left me long ago. I don't particularly find it spiritually encouraging or edifying. Nonetheless, I do understand and appreciate that there are many brothers and sisters who find in rap an avenue of spiritual and intellectual stimulation. They find it not only entertaining but edifying as well. Since this is true, I am pleased that there are brothers who are see are serious about the theological content of their lyrics. If you are into rap music, and don't know Shai Linne, you should. Here is a brother who is seeking to lay down lyrics that are theologically-integrated, biblically-consistent, and intentionally reformational. If I did listen to rap, I would listen to Shai Linne. The name of the album itself, should tell you something of the genuine seriousness of this brother: The Solus Christus Project. Check it out!


BEAST said...

Bloody silly comments from yours truly.

When atheists attempt to do something good for the community, you christians have the cheek to slap us on the other cheek.

It is people like you who give Christians a bad name. Atheist I may be, but I know most Christians will never resort to such underhand tactics (making use of a bad natural diasaster makes it even more unforgivable) to abuse atheists.

You are indeed the scum of the universe.

The Beast

The Beast

curtlove said...

Every rapper's a preacher only question what you sermon about, for Christ will stand firm and devoute, praying that you turn from yo doubt unti the day he returns and we out!

Brother Carter I have heard this CD and it is truly a good christian entertainment CD.

Christosphero said...

Have you ever heard of Flame? He is with Cross Movement. You need to check him out man!

BlackCalvinist said...

Bro. Carter - wait till you meet up with Shai and his label mate, Timothy Brindle. Brindle's first CD - The Great Awakening - is tight as well. Both brothers are really humble and good people to talk to. Tim's second album "Killing Sin" is going to be released on the 28th of October.

As for the comments from "The Beast" - Psalm 14:1 says that the FOOL has said in his heart that there is no God. How can you, an atheist, even define concepts like 'good' without borrowing from the Christian worldview ? Your conscience only sense morality, it doesn't create it. Further, your naturalism can only account for time, matter, motion and space, not morality. So how can you even claim to do anything 'good' for the community without 'borrowing furniture' from the Christians' house ?

Only a FOOL takes time to actively fight against someONE he says 'doesn't exist'.

REPENT. Acts 17:30-31 applies to you too.

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