Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Fool and His Money

Today I was at the website of The Infidel Guy. This is the brain cramp of Reginald Vaughn Finley who is an African-American, strong freethinking Atheist. As I was at his site, I noticed that he had a couple of links for donations for the survivors of Katrina. I could not help but wonder, why he would give his money to such a hopeless, useless cause as saving humanity. I mean, what difference does it make if they die today or next week or next year? Human beings are nothing more than a fortuitous collection of molecules, highly evolved tadpoles, right? I wonder if he will have donations for all those displaced tadpoles along the Gulf Coast. Oh.... wait a minute.... if the free(enslaved)thinkers are right, these monies are for the displaced tadpoles. No wonder the bible calls this the thinking of a fool (Ps. 14:1; 53:1). God be exalted (Ps. 46:10)!


Dan Levesque said...

We are so sorry for attempting to help those in need in wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. You're entirely right; it is completely immoral to do try and interfere with God's will.

I appologize, and will urge Reggie to stop trying to raise funds to donate to those in need. Good Christianity teaches that life is far from precious, and defintely not something to be looked at in wonder and appreciation. Death matters not, because these people will simply be going to a better place instead, right? I guess that's something these Atheist fools can't understand. Caring for human lives is unacceptable.

ajcarter said...

Well Mr. Levesque, please forgive me if it sounded as if I wanted Mr. Finley or any atheist to stop supporting the relief efforts in the Gulf Coast. God forbid! My point was and remains, that to support such an effort is to borrow from the theistic (Christian) worldview. Undoubtedly, you will deny this. Yet, your actions (well intended and received) speak louder than your words. May God continue to bless your efforts at helping the victims. I am sure the victims are grateful.

The Gothfather said...

I will certainly deny that compassionate acts borrow from the theistic worldview. Quite the contrary, I would contend that theism borrows from a humanist view in this case. The reason is simple. An atheist believes that human beings have a single, finite life. Thus, life itself is of the highest value. In order to borrow from a theistic worldview, we would have to allow those on the verge of death to die, so that, if they are good Christians, they can go to Heaven and live eternally.

Ulfgar said...

I second what the godfather said.

You mistake atheism with nihilism. They are not one and the same, I show compassion for my fellow man because I'd want to be treated in the same way were I to be in his/her position.

Is that folly? To be respectful to others because you'd want the same?

Theism didn't create altruism. There was civilization and compassion far before Christianity, don't kid yourself.

ajcarter said...

"In the beginning, God..." There was no civilization before God.

mondoshiggo said...

It would be interesting to get more than a sarcastic response from Dan to the question pondered in the blog "what difference does it make if they die today or next week or next year?"

It would seem illogical, not immoral,since we only have this life. I'm not saying don't do it. But, why? Why should one give anything of value to others.

Also, to the Gothfather, since there is life after this one and "life itself is of the highest value" don't atheist have an obligation to that life too?
If there is no life after this one, why give? But why?

Lya Kahlo said...

"If there is no life after this one, why give? But why? "

There is a nice little story I learned while studying Torah.

"A man asks his Rabbi is atheists go to heaven. The Rabbi replies that a faithful person see a man struggling and say "Poor man, I will pray for him." An atheist sees a man struggling and says "I must help him."

Why do we give and help others? Because as we do not believe in any deities, there is no one else to help but us (meaning all humans).

There is no afterlife, but who cares? Do you only do good because you think it will get you to heaven? An atheist needs no such reward.

curtlove said...

I agree with Ajcarter!

Brother keep doing what you doing
to God be the glory in all things.

Lya Kahlo said...

"I agree with Ajcarter!"

You didn't even bother to read the refutations, did you.

Ron said...

An atheist will RECEIVE no such reward.

curtlove said...

Lya Kahlo,
i did indeed read the comments and refutations, after all of that I simply resonded how I felt. Now I can go into a long drawn out response as to why I agree, but simply saying I agree is sufficient. With your response I guess I can suppose that you have read the entire Bible all the way through and have based you contention on what you have read for yourself in the Word of God and not just some ideaologies that have been given to you.