Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Refreshing Wind

There is a breeze blowing across the landscape that is African-American Christianity. It's not yet a whirlwind, nor has it reached wind storm capacity. But it is a refreshing wind that by God's grace is growing stronger and stronger. What is it, you ask? It is the truth of Reformed Theology that is catching hold of African-Americans all over the country. As I travel and spend time speaking with more and more Christians, I am dutifully encouraged by God's sovereign mercy in revealing His truth to His people. Yet, some still are sincerely asking, "What is Reformed Theology?" This is one of my favorite questions to answer. I supplied a brief interpretation of Reformed Theology in my book "On Being Black and Reformed." A very good explanation is also given by Rev. Michael Leach in the article "Why Reformed Theology?" We have been told that it is impossible to catch the wind. Well this wind is catchable. Read the article and see if you don't catch it. Or better yet, it swoops you up!

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mondoshiggo said...

Tee it high and let it fly brother. I pray that this message flows freely into the cultural atmosphere and lands squarely in the fairway of the African American lifestyle.
As the Reformation regains prominence in this era, may it not pass us by as a people...again.