Wednesday, August 15, 2007

For Men Only

In a previous post I mentioned that one of the ways that God has taught me to keep my marriage joyful and hopeful was to understand and celebrate that God made men and women different and has given them differing, yet equally God-glorifying, roles. One of the insidious and fatuous notions that is pawned off on our society today is that men and women are the same and role distinctions are not necessary. Yet, here is a commentator who reminds us that there are places for men only in the lives of their children and this world. Take a listen.

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Anonymous said...

how much more does our community need to hear this in light of recent events with the "prophetess." Could it be that the lack of role distinctions in their relationship and lack of spiritual leadership on Week's part was part of the cause of the demise of this supposed match made in heaven. How bad has our community looked recently? It seems as if supposed role models on all sides of the spectrum have fallen all together -- maybe this is why we should look to Christ instead of men to model ourselves after.