Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2007 Pastors Conference - "What is the Gospel?"

The 2007 Miami Pastors Conference is quickly coming upon us. The conference theme is one of the most urgent needs, namely "What is the Gospel?" It appears every generation the issue of the Gospel is raised. In every generation the gospel comes under attack and in every generation it must be defended. Ours is no different. Though the issues are old, the tactics are more advanced, insidious, and in many ways more docile and therefore more deadly. Today the false gospel is being dealt out with sweet, tasteful words and entertainment. Ours is a generation that not only hears the false gospel preached from large popular pulpits and platforms, but we also hear it sung with melodious voices and by large impressive choirs. Perhaps more than any other generation, our generation has taken the false gospels and put them to songs. These songs have catchy tunes and nice beats, yet are the purveyors of heresy and error. Unfortunately, people are innocuous to the error contained in these songs and thus they not only sing them in the car, but inevitably transfer them to the choir. And the church that once simply denied the biblical gospel from the pulpit is now denying it from the choir stand. In other words, the gospel is under attack from every quarter. When we understand that this is the case, we will understand the need to define and defend once again the true gospel in this generation. This is charge of the men who will gather to preach and teach at Glendale Baptist Church in Miami FL for the 2007 Miami Pastors Conference on November 8 - 10, 2007. Registration is open. You can find more information on the line up of speakers, schedule, cost, and accommodations by clicking here.

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