Monday, April 14, 2008

Heidelblogging "On Being Black and Reformed"

R. Scott Clark, professor of historical and systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California and blogger at Heidelblog, has written a review of my book "On Being Black and Reformed." You can read part one here. In part one he identifies four strengths in the book. He promises at the end of the review that in part two he will give four weaknesses. I appreciate Dr. Clark taking the time to read my book out of what I imagine is a never ending stream of recommended book titles that cross his desk. Yet even more than appreciation, I am amazed by two things: one, that he found four strengths in my writing; and two, that he only found four weaknesses (he probably found more, but is being kind).

Thanks Dr. Clark. Your review reminds me that, like all of us, my gifts must continue to be used for God's glory. Also, these gifts are far from perfected and I need God's grace and the challenging encouragement of men like yourself if I will continue to faithfully exercise those gifts for the glory of God and the good of His people.

Update: Dr. Clark has posted part 2 of his review here.


R. Scott Clark said...

Hi Anthony,

Part two is up



Graham said...

I have nothing like the authority of Dr. Clark, but can say emphatically that yours is the most helpful book I have read on black theology. Thank you for your service to the church!

John Bird said...

Yes, it's a very good book for anyone to read. I thought that the description of the five points was very well done and easy to understand. More people should have this one in their library.