Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Life from Antigua

This past weekend was the annual New Life Bible Conference sponsored by New Life Fellowship Church. I know we are given to hyperbole when it comes to these things, but I must say that this year was the most encouraging. The preached word was effectual and my heart was warmed with every message. The subject was of the utmost importance - What Difference Does the Gospel Make - and the brothers handled it with clarity, passion, and reverence. It would have been enough just to sit for those three days and hear the word of God expounded and applied. But those of us who were able to stay over for the Lord's Day Worship on Sunday at New Life were even more blessed to hear the fiery and faithful preaching Dr. Hensworth Jonas from Central Baptist Church in Antigua.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Jonas and the good work they are doing at Central Baptist Church, I want to strongly encourage you to become familiar with him. He is truly a renaissance man and has an unashamed heart for all things gospel. His church and ministry are reaching many throughout Antigua and Barbuda. You can hear his sermons, watch some of their television broadcast and latest video, and read all about the work of East Caribbean Baptist Mission.

Dr. Jonas is a refreshing reminder that God's glorious work of reformation is not unique to the United States. But Christians of African descent are preaching and experiencing these truths all over the world. Thank God for men like Hensworth Jonas.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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