Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Gospel Coalition Website

I have the privilege of being a council member of The Gospel Coalition. The Coalition has launched a new website that seeks to be the one stop shop for all things members of the Coalition. I like it because one can find a wealth of sermons and articles from many of the coalition members at one place. Now I can listen to many of my favorite preachers by simply logging into one website. What a wonderful resource. Ben Peays and the other faithful laborers at the Coalition have done us all a wonderful service. So bookmark this page. It will surely prove to be a resource well worth your time.


Lionel Woods said...

This is really good! Another good resource to help Christians along the "Way"! I will visit it frequently

Ebony Puritan said...

Hey Tony!

As a young minister, how does one participate and find out about such coalitions as this? It is a brilliant idea, and I would like to know how I could get more involved beyond just giving donations.