Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Mega-Media-Mess of a Church

One of the proudest moments in what is this modern, media-contrived Christianity that is so popular on television these days was the purchase and dedication of the new Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. You know, the one that is pastored by the media-delivered darling Joel Osteen. They recently moved into the building that onced was the home arena for the Houston Rockets. Now it is the home of the Spacely Sprockets, as Osteen and his faithful followers moved in. It was a grand celebration, I hear. I am sure that many of you heard it too. But what I would like you to read is the assessment of that mega-mess by Rick Phillips, who happened upon the celebration on the television one morning. Watching Joel Osteen, caused Rick Phillips to reflect upon what he was watching, and to offer a most insightful evaluation. By the way, the above article is at Reformation 21, the new online magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Good stuff.

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