Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Long still Wrong

While Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church did a fine job in hosting the funeral for Coretta Scott-King, we must not allow that to blind us to the false and heretical teachings that still spew forth from Long and his fellow preachers at New Birth. John Blake, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution journalist, reminds us of this important fact in his article Message From New Birth Hits on Prosperity.

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curtlove said...

I agree that Long is wrong, what he stands for and his theology are off base. However we must be honest about everything and see that Mrs. King held to several political issues that ran counter scripture.

I appreciate Dr King and his wife, all they did for the black race, and the gain that we have accomplished for their willingness to die for the freedom of our race.

However we must not overlook that there was a reason why Bishop Long was officiating her funeral. It is well known that Mrs King was an advocate of issues that ran counter to scripture. As a matter of fact she was an advocate of one of the largest killers of our race Homosexuality(even though Long is not)

It is important that we recognize the accomplishments of those who worked to liberate the black people however, Christ is our identity He is our banner, and we have a commmand to proclaim Christ to boast about the salvation we have in Him. Even at times when it means calling into question some key black influences that worked to dishonor our Lord.