Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Implications of the Doctrines of Grace

Reformed Theology is more than the Five Points of Calvinism. This is an undeniable truth. Yet, many of my brothers and sisters who embrace the Doctrines of Grace have not yet been exposed to the greater truths, the Reformed truths, that so naturally flow from the Doctrines of Grace. Reformed Theology is more than five doctrinal salvific points. It is an all encompassing worldview. And yet, this worldview is grounded in the truths that are embraced in the Five Points. Personally, I am convinced that if those who embrace the Doctrines of Grace would be exposed to and would come to understand the implications of these doctrines for all of life, they would find themselves moving beyond the elementary elements of TULIP unto the fuller expression of the Reformation, being that all of life is Soli Deo Gloria. One book that could help in this progression is When Grace Comes Home by Terry L. Johnson. Yet this book is not only helpful for those who need to move from the Doctines of Grace to a more full expression of Reformed Theology, it is also for those of us who have become too familiar with the Doctrines of Grace as to not appreciate the simply God-glorifying beauty and depths that so graciously flow from them. Ligon Duncan says, "We may still teach 'the doctrines of grace', but we have given little thought to the practical implications of sovereign grace. For this reason, and more, Terry Johnson's When Grace Comes Home is to be welcomed"
If you have read this work, share your thoughts. If you have not, I strongly commend it to your library.

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