Monday, March 20, 2006

To Dress Up or Not to Dress Up...

that is the question. Over at Reformed Blacks of America they are debating the call to dress up or dress down for Worship Service. Those of us who have been around the church for any length of time would never have dreamed of darkening the church doors without our "Sunday's Best." But today, our generation has lost its sense of formality and has embraced a more casual, introspective approach to faith. This casual approach is not any less sincere (anyone who would question the spiritual sincerity of CJ Mahaney and many of my friends in Sovereign Grace would be woefully mistaken), but it does raise the question of how far should our casualness extend. Xavier says that our casualness may be a sign of our lackadaisical, careless attitude toward God. On the other hand, Lance says that casual dress may be the order of the day without minimizing the depth of one's faith in the slightest. What say you?


Alando Franklin said...

Proper dress according to God:

Not costly


ajcarter said...

You are so right, Bro. Franklin. Scripturally speaking, those should be our primary concerns. By the way, when are you going to get posting again on your blog?

Anonymous said...

In terms of dressing up to go to church. Yes our primary focus should be modest, discreet, and not costly which you can dress up and cover all three of the points. I will throw out what my dad told me..If you were invited to go to the WhiteHouse would you not wear your best? Why because the President is important, he has high position, he is the leader of our country. How much more should we "dress up" when we go to church for corporate worhsip in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The Most high God, the only one who could redeem us! The Savior of my soul! THe Aplha and Omega !!!! If we don't dress up to go to church then we should take that same attitude across all areas of life...A Bride and Groom should just wear jeans and t-shirt, That would be unacceptable because the wedding is important. How much more should be our appearance to go to church? Remember Jospeh cleaned himself up when he was in the dungeon before he went before the king. Thi sworld can be a dungeon, let's dress up and teach our children to do the same. To God be the Glory!!