Monday, July 17, 2006

On to First Baptist of Grand Cayman

Our friend and dear brother Thabiti Anyabwile is sharing his thought on his last weekend at Capitol Hill Baptist Church as he transitions to pastor First Baptist of Grand Cayman. Surely Capitol Hill will feel the loss of TA, but will rejoice to know that God's people in the Cayman Islands will have a voice of grace and truth amongst them. You can read his thoughts on Things I Learned While at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

Our prayers are with TA and his family as they make this transition. Be encouraged my brother. Believe God for great things for His glory.


LouLove said...

Hey Carter:
When I met this brother at the T4G conference, I immediately knew that the Lord would be using him greatly. Thabiti will be a blessing to the folks in the Caymens and I am looking forward to the time when He will join you and Burns in Chicago so that the three of you can turn the Midwest out.

Did you peep that Thabiti, remember you promised to be our international speaker, so just clear your calendar my Brother.

Eric M. Washington said...

From looking at the church website, it looks like the church is ripe for reformation. I am assuming that the church wants to move in that direction by choosing a pastor who served with Mark Dever. My prayer is that the Lord will raise up more and more men to wield the sword of the Spirit in truth.

Anonymous said...

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