Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ligonier Conference Online

I have participated in many Bible and theological conferences. I have attended and been encouraged by even more. And I can say with all sincerity that Ligonier Ministries puts on as good a conference as anyone could hope to do. I don't particularly like to rank elements of the kingdom of God. This is a practice that I lament to find far too often in modern evangelicalism and particularly in the blogosphere. The next time some one says this guy is the best preacher, or that blog is the best blog, consider that their thoughts are not God's thoughts and their ways are not God's ways :-). With that said, I do commend Ligonier Conference for its pursuit of excellence and commitment to theological integrity. I was not able to attend this year's conference, but am pleased to see that the conference was streamed live on the internet and the videos can be viewed again here. Of particular recommendation is Sinclair Ferguson's message from Isa. 53 on The Substitutionary Atonement of Christ. Take note that Sinclair reminds us that Christ was not just our representative, but he was also our substitute. An excellent word as we enter the week of our Lord's passion.

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