Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RC Interviews Ben Stein

There is a new documentary that is gaining steam and is due out in theatres next month. It is Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. It is hosted by the actor/comedian Ben Stein and it takes up the issue of intolerance in the academic world against those who would challenge modern theories of Darwinism. The film looks interesting. Apparently it has even caught the eye of RC Sproul. Recently RC interviewed Ben Stein and the both of them discussed the folly of Darwinism and the inescapable reality of an Intelligent Designer of the universe. The dialogue between the two men is really interesting and enlightening. My favorite part is toward the end. As RC is concluding some of his remarks, Stein looks at him and wonders out loud, how RC could know so much about the subject. What Stein discovered is what I learned during my years of working at Ligonier. RC has a mind like a steel trap! He remembers everything. He is literally one of the most informed and diverse thinkers I have ever met. I don't recall ever having a conversation with RC and not going away from it having learned something new. In fact, I was recently listening to a Panel Discussion from the Ligonier National Conference in which RC was joined on stage by CJ Mahaney and Sinclair Ferguson. CJ made the point that the only thing about which he was confident that he knew more than Sinclair and RC was sports. RC did not respond, but I knew from personal conversations that CJ would be quite surprised to find out that RC is very proficient and informed concerning professional athletics. Furthermore, if the question was baseball or golf or the Pittsburgh Steelers, I would put my money on RC. Sorry CJ. But I digress.

Here is the video of the interview. You'll see that it isn't long before Stein realizes that RC's is a mind to be reckoned with.



Ebony Puritan said...
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Ebony Puritan said...

Man, RC is sharp!!!

I can't wait to see this movie next month.

How have you been brother? I hope that everything is going well both with your family and at SWCF!!!

John said...

Great post, as usual. I was wondering if I could interview you for my blog. You can check it out to see if it's something you would mind being on. I was thinking of just sending you a word document with some questions that you could answer, and then email back. Any chance?