Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Long on Money

It appears that Eddie Long is long on money but short on integrity. He and his many non-profit organizations are being investigated for mishandling funds. Apparently, the mishandled funds were handed to him and his wife in the form of house, car, and salary. There is probably nothing that so mars the church in general, and the predominantly African-American church in particular, than these preachers who get rich by self-proclamation of their divinely-inspired authority. Our churches are filled with people who have been duped by the charismatic personality of these preachers. While it pains me to read these accounts, it pains me even more to hear them manipulize Scripture and take advantage of naive Christians. Perhaps Christ is beginning to shake the trees and judge his house. Perhaps He has seen enough of these money-changers. Perhaps the lash is out and the tables are being overturned. If it is, may the Lord have mercy on these men and us. It is unfortunate that such a thing would have to happen, but then again we must know that Christ will not allow his name to be used in vain for long (no pun intended). You can read the report and the monetary compensations Mr. Long has apparently finagled from his ministry by going to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and reading Bishop's Charity Generous to Bishop.

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