Monday, August 22, 2005

Returning "In" Glory

Not long ago (well actually, too long ago), my family and I were on a mini-vacation (these are easily planned and rather affordable). On the way to our cabin destination, I realized that I did not bring anything to read. So, when we stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some supplies, I browsed through the book section and found Return to Glory: The Powerful Stirrings of the Black Race. I skimmed it a bit and read some of the endorsements and thought it might be an interesting read. Over the next couple days I became amazed at the amount of exegetical flaws in which so-called learned men can engage. Page after page was full of historical and biblical error. The intellectual leaps and presumptions that the authors expect of their readers is appalling and at times offensive. From the very beginning the book is unacceptable in its approach to hermeneutics. This book proposes that the Bible actually teaches that African-Americans are destined to return to the glory that was the Egytian Empire (wrongly assuming that African-Americans trace their lineage to the great Egyptian kings). However, what is most tragic about this book is not the error that it espouses, but the plethora of African-American Christians who have bought into this foolishness. I have been at churches who have shown the video detailing the contents of this book and planning to take their people though a study of it. It is apparent that such churches should not be seeking a return to glory but should be seeking a return to the Word of God. And if they were to return to the Word of God, they would find that the Word of God speaks nothing of a Return to Glory by African-Americans, but rather speaks rather lucidly about the Return IN Glory of the Christ.


Valerie (Kyriosity) said...

"It is apparent that such churches should not be seeking a return to glory but should be seeking a return to the Word of God."

Or that they should be seeking a return to glory and realizing that the ancient pagan culture of Egypt ain't it. Let's see...ancient Egypt is known for race-based slavery, idolatry, getting slammed by 10 plagues as a punishment from God, dynastic wars in which all those ancient kings spent a good bit of time killing off their competition, etc. People who think that's glorious are (dare I say it? yeah, I dare) in deNile.


Welcome to the blogophere, Anthony.

ajcarter said...

Well put my friend. Thanks for checking in.