Monday, August 15, 2005

The Rainbow Mecca

When I first moved to Atlanta in 1990 it was known as the "Black Mecca." Here more than anywhere it was believed that Atlanta was the place where blacks could experience the great
American dream. I must admit that I was taken back when I first arrived within the city limits and saw so many black men and women driving around in luxury automobiles, coming and going from high, upscale, gated communities. The political infrastructure of Atlanta politics was black, with a black mayor and black police chief. Yet, 15 years later, Atlanta is not only the "Black Mecca", but now she is becoming known as the "Black Gay Mecca." That's right. Atlanta is the place to be if you are black, gay, and available. The growing number of Black gays in Atlanta is going to put a lot of pressure upon the predominantly black church in Atlanta, as the church must come to grips with the majority of these blacks who go to church. The debate over gay rights and gay marriage is not going to go away, no matter how many marches Eddie Long plans. As I listen to much of the rhetoric concerning gay marriage, I am compelled to say that the debate is all off base. For the record, the question is not whether or not gays should have the right to marry. The question is whether or not homosexuality is an acceptable and moral lifestyle. You see, if homosexuality is acceptable and moral then marriage is unquestionable. But if we deem homosexuality as unacceptable and immoral then marriage is out of the question. For example, the reason we do not let a man marry his daughter or a wife her son is not because they don't have the ability to, but rather because we have deemed that relationship as inherently immoral and unacceptable. Therefore, let us stop arguing whether or not gays should have the right to marry. Rather, let us engage the conversation at its logical foundations. Is homosexuality a morally legitimate and socially acceptable lifestyle? If it is not, then same-sex marriage is out of the question. If it is, then the next time you are in Atlanta look for the sign that reads "Welcome to the Rainbow Mecca."

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