Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Do You Hear What I Hear?

I know, I know, I am suppose to begin listing my Christmas Wish List. However, I just had to let you in on this new Christmas CD by Kenton Bostick entitled "Hear What I Hear!" Kenton is part of our worship band at Southwest Christian Fellowship. He plays keyboard, drums, and the saxophone. On this CD he has arranged some our favorite Christmas Songs and hymns with his gifted jazz flavor. This is a must hear and a must get. You can listen to the first track, Do You Hear What I Hear and even request a copy by going to Southwest Christian Fellowship Resources and clicking on the link to the song.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about Kenton's CD. I'm listening to the sample right now and I like it.

This will be a good gift for my father.

Eulice Hooper said...

this CD sounds great, i would like to purchase it.

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