Thursday, December 15, 2005

Songs of the Season

Christmas undoubtedly has the best songs of all the holidays. Every year as we celebrate the Advent Season, we hear some of the most wonderful tunes, both sacred and secular. I can not recall a Christmas without repeatedly hearing Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song." My family knows that I am feeling the season when Nat's song is frequently coming through the speakers. Likewise, to hear Nat King Cole sing, "O Holy Night" is to know what God created such magnificent talent to do. I am pleased to say that not all the great songs are of years gone by. Recently I came across a song written by Stuart Townend - of "In Christ Alone" fame - entitled "From the Squalor of a Borrow Stable (Immanuel)," which has taken me by storm and has immediately been added to my favorite Songs of the Season. I am not sure if Mr. Townend meant for it to be a Christmas song, but it is on my list. The brilliant opening lines should give you some sense of why:

From the squalor of a borrowed stable
By the Spirit and a virgin's faith
To the anquish and the shame of scandal
Came the Savior of the human race
But the skies were filled with the praise of Heaven
Shepherds listen as the angels tell
Of the gift of God come down to man
At the dawning of Immanuel

If you have never heard this wonderful song, do yourself the favor and find it this Christmas season. The only disappointment I have is that Nat King Cole did not get a chance to add his soulful flare to it.

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