Monday, December 19, 2005

What We Need For Christmas

I always know Christmas has arrived when I receive those Christmas Wish Lists. You see, my wife encourages our children to write down what they would like to receive for Christmas. No matter how long the list, my children understand that they will likely only receive one item from their respective list. Usually, we decide to get the item that is most economical (sorry, no xbox 360 this year) and will serve the family as well as the individual. For instance, my youngest daughter (age 5) will get a bike. This serves the rest of the family in that she will no longer bug her siblings about riding theirs. It is always a joy to see children receive one of the gifts they treasured and to watch them light up with thanksgiving and praise for the faithfulness of their parents (there is a spiritual truth somewhere in there). But this year, I have decided to make my own list. I have decided to let you know what I believe we need this Christmas from those men and pastors who call themselves Reformed. I was most encouraged by the Pastors Conference in Miami last month, however I continue to be disappointed (to put it mildly) by many who say they are reformed, but show little to no evidence of Reformational understanding in their preaching and worship. I will grant that some men are Reformed, but stilling reforming. To these I say, Amen! I am with you and pray that our journey will continue to bear fruit for eternity. However, there are far too many men, particularly African-American, who say they are reformed, but are more misinformed than reformed; their preaching and worship is more deformed than reformed. To them I say, enough! We must be preachers and pastors after God's own heart. And if the Bible reveals God's heart, and if we are convinced that Reformed Theology best articulates the Bible, then my wish list for this Christmas is simple. I wish for Reformed African-American Preachers to indeed be Reformed. Over the next few days I will articulate in more detail what I mean by this. However, today know that I too have a Christmas Wish List. And I pray that we get everything on my list. Yeah I know, my children probably pray the same prayer :-).

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