Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Do You Still Wonder?

Had a great Memorial Day weekend. Took the kids swimming. Worshipped with the saints. Grilled a Boston Butt. Caddied for my son in his first golf tournament. It truly was a wonderful weekend. Yet the most interesting and thought provoking experience was a conversation my kids were having, into which they drew me. I was drawn into it by a question. The question posed to me by one my daughters was, "Daddy, can cows really jump over the moon?" The immediate response that came to mind was, "No. Of course not." But before I could answer, my mind was driven to the deeper and more challenging question. Do I still have the innocent wonder of the power and supernatural ability of God? You see, my daughter wonders at the prospect of a cow jumping over the moon. For her that is fantastic and she is still inclined to believe the fantastic. What is fantastic for me? Does my walk with God hold out the possibility of experiencing the fantastic? Am I so inclined to an ordinary God that he has little to nothing to impress me with in the realm of the impossible? Oh, to maintain a childlike faith that says, "With God all things are possible."
Of course, I told her that cows can not jump over moons. But somehow, I am confident that she still wonders at the prospect of the fantastic in her wonder-filled world. I can not help but wonder if I still wonder at God. Do you still wonder?

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