Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Miami Conference Host

Humanly speaking, what makes the Miami Pastors' Conference such a wonderfully encouraging and refreshing experience is the faithful, joyful labors of the Glendale Baptist Church staff and volunteers. Anyone who attended the conference would no doubt offer the same testimony concerning the servanthood and hospitality of those at Glendale. Ricky Armstrong leads an excellent team of people who labor all year to make this event go smoothly. From the drivers to to cooks, from the servers to the secretaries, from the hosts to the maintenance, everyone seems to have a vision for the glory of God in their service to Glendale and this conference. I could not commend them more. They demonstrated what was preached with an uncommon zeal and love. We were all challenged and encouraged by them. Thanks Glendale.

Here is a clip from Ricky Armstrong's message of Preaching Christ from the Psalms


Scotty J. Williams said...

All these clips make me wish that I went to the conference in Miami. Please pray for the conference that I'm arranging for the pastors of Kisumu Kenya in June of 07. Anyways brother I hope all is well.


ajcarter said...

I wish you were there also. Next year our wishes will come true, right?

Also, I will be praying for you, my brother. If there is anything we might do to assist you in this worthwhile service, please let me know.

Scotty J. Williams said...

Yes I believe they will come true next year. I've decided that it is time for me to better connect with brothers for Reform in the church and personally meet you all. Thank you for your prayers and I will let you know of the ways you can assist me. This is so cool to have the privilege of doing this and it is so wonderful to see Pentecostal pastors of Kenya who wish to learn from a young Baptist preacher heeheehee.

God Bless you Anthony and have a Happy Thanksgiving