Friday, November 03, 2006

No MegaFest Next Year

T.D. Jakes is pulling the plug on MegaFest 07 and the city of Atlanta is not happy. Apparently, the Megafest (more accurately dubbed MegaMess) is costing Jakes and his ministry more than they can handle. The attendance is down, while travel cost is not. One of these days those who name the name of Christ will wake up and realize that Bingo Long's Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings might make for great theatre and slapstick comedy, but it is a pitiful and poor representation of the gospel and the kingdom. Good riddings!


Scotty J. Williams said...

YAAAAAAY! It's about time that it ended cause it was getting real annoying. Nothing against T.D. Jakes, but I'm glad he pulled the plug.

Anonymous said...

mega-fest was a great event, i have been every year. I think it a shame that we belittle something that has changed thousands of lives for the Kingdom of God, all these peope who wants it to end, why? What do you see that is put on by Christians where we can gather have a great time with the fame and be entertained in a postive way. how many Christian family expos do you hear about, that is not given by some secular group with a 5 minute slot for the Kingdom of God to be uplifted, and by a black man as well? Here's an event where Christians are putting it on, Christians are performing and sinners come and are saved and families are brought closer. My God, I am sick to death of these people who proclaim you want to see the Kingdom of God declared, but when we do it, on an international stage mind you, so the world can take notice, then we fuss and complaint b/c it's not the way you do in your church. It's for the church to come out of the four walls, the world is out, and flaunting, why arnt we?!

Scotty J. Williams said...

To whoever wrote anonymously in response to the issue with MegaFest, my response had nothing to do with Christians being onstage and declaring that Christ is Lord or God's Kingdom being uplifted by a Black man (In fact both Anthony and I are Black). I events where support many where Christians represent our Lord on an international scale. My issue with Megafest was many of the speakers and their doctrines thats all. Like I said I have nothing against T.D. Jakes, in fact I have respect for him, but my issue with him is his oneness theology and the theology of those that he allowed to speak at MegaFest. I do not doubt that people got saved at megafest, but what I don't doubt is that after they got saved they were also pumped full of Word of Faith doctrine. My friend there is more to Christianity than lifting up the name of Jesus (heck even the Mormons lift up the name of Jesus and call Him Lord too), and preaching evangelist messages. Regarless of people accusing me of intelectualizing God and making it all about theology (and let's not not forget that horrid word "doctrine")I still stna don the fact that doctrine and theology are important and essential. What MegaFest was in many ways was not only a pltform for presenting Christian beliefs, but also a platform of just plain bad doctrine. Also we must look at MegaFest the same way we must look at Billy Graham crusades and any other major christian event; not everyone that made professions of faith there were regenerate believers. Also as for me personally I don't just belittle charismatic Word of Faith events like MegaFest, I also belittle some Reformed (which is my own camp) events too, and they have good theology but bad practice when it comes to reaching out to the Reformed minority community and addressing issues of racial reconciliation in the church.


Jarvis Singleton said...

I agree with Scotty!

Christians need to realize that there is truly more to Christianity than lifting up the name of Jesus. While I am not a fan of Jakes (by a LONG shot), my problem is not with him having this event. But rather in those he brings in to speak. And many of them (like Les Brown) are not uplifting the name of Christ. Equally, we as Christians (especially in the Black Community) need to stop being so gulliable when it comes to teachers and teachings. It is not a hard thing to dig up info on what a teacher believes (either by the internet or writing the ministry in general). Jakes is a oneness Pentecostal, and thus is spreading a teaching that has been heretical from the days of the early Church. I truly want to see the Black Church prosper. However, I want the Church to prosper in truth and not in other unbiblical intangibles.