Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Need for Christ-Centered Preaching

The messages preached at the Miami Pastors' Conference were, if anything, timely. There is undoubtedly a need for a Reformation in preaching within the evangelical church at large, and the predominantly black church in particular. The brothers in Miami not only stated the case, but they also demonstrated the way. I am convinced that never before in our history has there been more heretical and destructive teaching claiming to be biblical than there is now. And perhaps no one is more demonstrative of this homelitical plague than is Mr. Creflo Dollar in my beloved Atlanta, GA. If you have not already seen it, here is a recent expose on Mr. Dollar done by the local FOX news affiliate in Atlanta. Listening to Mr. Dollar and realizing the audience and influence he has with black church goers and watchers, we can not overstate the need for Christ-centered preaching within the black church. Here in demonstrates the wall of destructive preaching and teaching we are up against. Yet, I am encouraged by what God has historically done with walls in His people's way.


rant man j said...

Anyone who reads the bible knows that God wants His people to prosper in EVERY area of life... NOT JUST FINANCES...Dollar even says this at the beginning of the interview. We can do bad by ourselves. If you don't believe God wants us to have success in every area of life..quit your job...sell all your stuff and get on the fast track to what YOU claim is a closer walk with God. What? Not jumping at that suggestion?- didn't think so.
The more I read from bloggers like yourself the more I'm convinced that it's NOT the message you all have a problem with. It's a personal issue. You don't like the messenger...so you attack the message.
Everything in the bible supports that God wants us to have life more abundantly ....but the foundation to everything is love. I'm so saddened to see that we as Christians don't even know how to share the "truth" as we see it IN LOVE. Where's the character in that? No wonder the world laughs at us. We're no different than them.
I'd be embarrassed if that was My Pastor from Ebenezer Baptist talking about another Pastor like that. He comes off like he's trying to make a name for himself and/or jealous of Dollar in some way.
Al Sharpton- unfortunately - he's become a bit of a cartoon character..and in the full clip he comes off as such.
Ask yourself this... if we were just supposed to accept our bad situations ...why tell us that we're supposed to be blessed to BE a blessing? I can't give what I don't have.
No...we shouldn't be focused on money.. it's not THE most important thing...but it affects all the other important things.
I hear THIS man saying prosperity is about shalom, peace...wholeness in every area of life.
Some of my Christian brothers and sisters need to GET A LIFE.

Philip Duncanson said...

Rant Man J,

"Some of my Christian Brothers and sisters need to get a life"

My brother, where is the love you speak about in a statement such as that.

It is unfortunate that you look at this situation as a personal attack on Mr. Dollar. I am sure if you took the time to sit down with those who criticize his message, it would be quite evident that the attacks are not personal. Throughout the interview I never once heard anyone speak to the character of Mr. Dollar. They only spoke in reference to the message he promotes through books, television and interviews.

One other thing that was clearly missing from the interview was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no doubt that Mr. Dollar has great influence not just in Atlanta but all around the world. My friend here is the main problem; he uses his influence to appeal to our selfish nature through a prosperity message. You want to talk about what's in the bible; all I see in scripture is Jesus telling us to take up our cross and follow him or to forsake every thing and follow him and he also discussed the dangers of seeking treasure here on earth. And how about Paul in Corinthians when he said he desired to preach nothing but Christ and him crucified. Where are these truths in Mr. Dollar’s message?

My friend as you can see this comment is not to bash Mr. Dollar or you. I was simply addressing your comment and the interview from the post. I am sure you are a man of noble character and it would not be loving of me to attack you personally. The same is true of the critics, our goal is to point out the errors of our brothers and sisters in love, and seek to lead them back to the flock.

My prayer is that you would be diligent and discerning as you grow in Christ.

God Bless!

Keith L. Tolbert said...

Brother Rant Man,
Why is "prosperity" the focal point of Dollar's teaching. Should not the focal point be the person and work of the LORD Jesus Christ?
Why, instead, is Dollar so intent on denying Jesus' deity and making "gods" out of man? This is heresy beyond compare.
Does not your reading of Hebrews 11 tell you that the heroes of the faith hall of fame were not focused on their prosperity (in any area of life), but rather focused on Jesus?
The Bible, my brother, is the story of Jesus, period. And His gospel is what the faithful minnister is to preach. Not a gospel of prosperity. Read it again, this time without your "Creflo" glasses on.

Anonymous said...

"How hard it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven"

Anonymous said...

this issue is not going away soon,i would hope though that preachers who take a que from the apostles, What did they major in, Jesus, look on the life of the apostle paul, and he said follow me as i fallow christ,does God want us to be rich yes i believe so, but i dont believe its the way it is been defined,i think we need to look intently at what the word says the simple are going astray who dont do this,dollor as a way of curving the scripture to his likeing one can only do that at the expence of other things,