Sunday, February 04, 2007

An Elder's Home

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One of the hot issues plaguing the predominantly black church is the issue of the Pastors/Elders and their families. We have not done a good nor faithful job in living out within the church the demands of Scripture upon the Elders and Pastors, particular as it relates to families. Our pulpits are full of men who have been divorced (a time or two or three) and whose children have long seen the hypocrisy of their fathers and have either joined in the charade or have rebelled against him. This is one area that definitely needs reform and Reforming. Here is an excellent article from Nine Marks entitled Unbelief in an Elder's Children - Practice. If we ever begin taking serious the Scriptural mandates for Elders and Pastors in 1Timothy and Titus, we would begin to see reform right before our eyes. But alas, too many of our people would not love to have it so.

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Deeciple97 said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for being an example in the faith. Stand firm.