Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Presidents Day

For our country today is a holiday. Today we take the time to recognize the invaluable contributions our Commanders-in-Chief have made to our beloved country. In particular we recognize the two greatest presidents we have had (and number three is so far behind that he is not worth mentioning in the same breath), George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. And for my money, Lincoln stands as the pinnacle of our highest political office. Was he perfect? Of course not. Any man who would aspire to and obtain the office of President would surely have his faults exposed, and Lincoln did. Nonetheless, in the realm of imperfect men to sit in the White House, Lincoln ranks at the head of the class. Here are a couple of resources on Abraham Lincoln that I would recommend this Presidents Day.
Lincoln's Greatest Speech. Of all the books I have read and listened to on Abraham Lincoln this is my favorite. It is my favorite because it deals with what I believe is the greatest presidential address ever given, Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, and it gives insight into the philosophical and religious influences upon Lincoln as he struggled to make sense of the Civil War. I believe you will be richly surprised by this book. Check it out.

Was Lincoln A Christian? I am not one to argue one way or another for the supposed spirituality of dead leaders. Those who do not like Lincoln will make the argument that he was not a Christian. Those who admire him will make the argument that he was. I find that after the arguments are made, Lincoln's accomplishments and his words to us still ring true (much in the save way as Martin L. King, Jr.). Nevertheless, if you are interested, Dr. D. James Kennedy has given a message entitled Was Lincoln A Christian? Part one aired on Friday and part two is airing today on Truths That Transform. If you have never heard Dr. Kennedy give one of his biographical addresses, you should do so. I believe he is excellent in his delivery of these messages.

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