Thursday, July 12, 2007

Has anyone seen Christian?

He will be at Seven Rivers this coming week. See ya there!


Rick Kiernan said...

You were both inspiring and informative. The Seven Rivers is a much better place for having experienced your passion and conviction as you educated us all. I hope you visit us again soon.


Rick Kiernan and Family

Frank/Valerie Ayres said...

For a year my husband and I have been looking forward to this Bible conference led by you. We heard you speak a year and a half ago at our Martin Luther King, Jr. service, and we were energized in our spirits by your passion and love for the Lord and your message of reconciliation, both with our fellow man and with God through Christ.

We have always known of Pilgrim's Progress--for over 50 years--but have never taken the time or the patience to read it. After your first presentation on Sunday night we rushed to the bookstore and bought one of the final three copies and have been devouring it each day. I actually find the language easier to grasp if I read it out loud to myself. Reading this book, along with your exciting
teaching about it's Truths, has once again "sparked" our own walk towards the Celestial City. We see our very lives in every aspect of this allegory. I am so glad to have "discovered" it even at this late date!

Tonight is the last night of the conference, and we are facing it with bittersweetness. We are eager for the teaching tonight, but sad that it is the last night of the conference. Thank you for coming to spend this time with our church and introducing so many people to Pilgrim's Progress. It has been wonderful to meet your whole family. PLEASE COME BACK!!!
Maybe by then we will have all loosened up and be able to shout "AMEN" once in a while!!
I'm sure lots of people were shouting it in their hearts--me for one! :)

May I add that we are so thankful for our own God-inspired pastor who
encourages our congregation weekly
to persevere in our own Christian walk by keeping our eyes on
the One Who reached out and pulled us through the gate and put us on the path to eternity with Him.
I Timothy 1:17.

Sincerely, Frank and Valerie Ayres

ajcarter said...


Thank you so much. Seven Rivers has grown to become one of my favorite places to visit and preach. I love the the people and am encouraged by them. I am already looking forward to the next opportunity I have to be with my brothers and sisters at SR.

Frank and Valerie,

One of my primary aims was to ignite in people a desire to read The Pilgrims Progress and to be encouraged by Bunyan's rich biblical insight. I am so happy to hear that you have done just that. It is a blessing to my heart. And I thank you.

Indeed, you do have Christ-centered, Gospel-centered leadership. Ray and the gang are some of the best. I thank God for them even as you do. May God continue to bless the labors of everyone at Seven Rivers.

See ya tonight!