Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mythbuster #1

There is a show on The Discovery Channel called Mythbusters. On this show, the men and women do scientific experiments seeking to prove whether or not commonly held notions and/or ideas are true or just well accepted myths. It is an interesting show, if you ever get a chance to see. Watching the show one day, caused me to think about some myths that may be common in my circle of associations. Over the next few posts (hopefully) I will seek to mention a few myths and hopefully debunk them. So here is myth #1: Reformed Theology is Anglo.
Recently I read a comment where a white PCA pastor was quoted as saying that Reformed Theology was Anglo, or even too Anglo. I find this notion to be rather nebulous. If Reformed theology is biblical (as I would assume this pastor believes) then how could it be white or black or yellow, or any race. What is white about Total Depravity? We can color sin any race or culture and we would be right. What is white about Unconditional Election. What is white about Limited Atonement? What is white about Irresistible Grace? What is white about the Perseverance of the Saints? These are biblical doctrines. They are argued from the Scriptures not from culture.
Perhaps the pastor had in mind that the PCA was Anglo, even too Anglo. On this idea I would not argue with him. But to say that Reformed Theology is Anglo, is in this instance to equate Reformed Theology with the PCA. Yet, perhaps this is another myth that we need to burst. Extra: The PCA is not Reformed Theology.
Perhaps the pastor meant to say that the Reformed Theology that is expressed within the PCA is too Anglo. Again, I will defer to him since he would know better than me. However, this is the statement as it should be understood, and not the categorical statement that Reformed Theology itself is Anglo.
The fact of the matter is that the reformed theology which I hold is not white. The reformed theology which I preach is not black. I may find myself expressing it within an African-American context, but the truths themselves are not tied to any culture or race. If they are true, they transcend cultures. The law of gravity is a law discovered by Isaac Newton, but it is not a white law, it is an universal law. Such are the truths of Scripture.
Reformed Theology. Color it Anglo? Color it African-American? No. Color it biblical and debunk this myth.


FellowElder said...

Well said brother!!

Stephen Dawe said...

Odd, I went to a very large Reformed Korean Church in Seoul for several years. As the Anglo, I was in the extreme minority.

And wasn't Calvin French?

Truth is Truth, God defines it.

LouLove said...

Keep it coming my brother!

Pastor Lance said...

right on brother. right on!