Sunday, July 01, 2007

Eric Interviews Dean of HUDS

Our brother Eric Redmond has a short interview with the newly appointed dean of Howard University Divinity School (HUDS), Dr. Alton Pollard III. If the answers to the questions are any indication of the state of theological training within the institutionalized black church in America, then boys and girls, the black church is in worse condition than I first believed. God help us.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, the "doctor" didn't directly answer any questions. Which makes me deeply concern for those attending HUDS.

Anonymous said...

Concerned. Sorry for the misspelling.

wwdunc said...

I'm not surprised by Dr. Pollard's non-answers. He sounds just like many of the "educated" ministers in my former denomination--what they don't say is sometimes more significant than what they do say. In the meantime, "the people in the pew" suffer.

Wyeth Duncan