Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Life was Tight!

As I get caught up from the my recent travels, I must say that the New Life Bible Conference (June 21-23, 2007) was again a most encouraging and uplifting experience. Louis and Jamie Love and the good folks at New Life Fellowship Church do a wonderful job at welcoming visitors to the northside of Chicago and treating them to a most encouraging Bible conference for free. And even though I have had the pleasure and privilege of speaking at the conference for several years now, I am most appreciative of the preaching that I get to sit under. This year the conference was on The Godly Life. I had the task of sharing on the The Godly Family and The Godly and the Church. I pray my messages were half as enlightening, inspiring, and challenging as were Thabiti's (The Godly and Culture and The Godly and Evangelism) and Louis' (On the Godly Life and Mortification of Sin). These brothers were tight and right.

If you have ever been to the conference, then you know that New Life looks forward to this time of the year and they come out to serve their brothers and sisters and put on Christ. I can say from the personal experience that they wear Christ well. If you have not been to the New Life Conference, I implore you to mark your calender for next year and be sure to be in attendance. I have heard from a good and reliable source that the conference next year promises to be even better than this year. The speakers have not yet been confirmed, but with the subject matter and the short list of potential invitees promises to be as good as ever.

Also this year, the kind folks at Reformation Heritage Books sent a representative and he brought with him a more than adequate book table. It provided a nice addition to the conference and hopefully a partnership for many years to come.
Here are a few of the pictures from this years conference. Hopefully they will wet your appetite and help establish your plans for next year. Lord willing, maybe next year your face will be among these, if it is not already. Enjoy.

Dea. Chisum giving opening remarks

Pastor Love preaching on The Godly Life

Checking out the Book Table before the Session begins

Adriane and Jamie

Big TA and Little TA

Thabiti preaching on The Godly and Evangelism

Wyeth Duncan at the keyboard

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LouLove said...

Hey Carter:
Thanks for the kind words. And the pictures are great except for that (light skin-ded) brother who really needs to shed a few pounds.

Chicago-land is challenged and encouraged every time the Reformed Brothers come to town.

You and Thabiti served us well and we are thankful to God for such able preachers. Bro Wyeth puts together a rich mixture of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs that one will not hear nor sing at any other Reformed Conference (limited exposure).

I know there are a lot of good conferences out there and we attend some of them. I always say that the preaching and singing at the New Life conference is some of the best, but of course my opinion could be considered biased. So let me share with you the comment of a Brother who for the first time attended a conference where the preachers were not the typical Reformed preachers. I'll leave it to your readers to figure out what is not typical of the men who spoke at the New Life Conference. Here is the comment from Steve the Brother from Reformation Heritage Books:

"I too had a wonderful time at the conference. The preaching and fellowship was top notch. I have been to many conferences and the preaching that I heard Friday and Saturday ranks right up there or even exceeds that of some of the national Reformed conferences around."

Thanks Carter for your faithfulness and for being instrumental in my coming to know the beautiful truths of Scripture as they are set forth by Reformed Theology. Thanks also for sharing these truths with Chicago.

Your source regarding next year's conference was on point.

I heard that the theme will be something like:

A Study on the Book of Galatians

Whew, that sounds like something we all need to hear about.