Wednesday, June 06, 2007

To Exposit or Not to Exposit

My man Quincy Jones (no not that one) aka Q-D.O.G, has responded to Xavier Pickett's recent blast about Blacks and Espository Preaching. Quincy takes issues with Xavier's article and the tenor of Xavier's recent web logs. He writes:
The final and most concerning problem, as with many of your recent posts (as I also mentioned in my e-mail), is that I believe you are stirring an unconscious and unnecessary antagonism against all things "white" and reformed and have forgotten the "wall of hostility" that has been broken in Christ and that "Christ is all and in all". (Read the post in its entirety).
I am impressed intellectually with both of these brothers. Xavier undoubtedly can be a bit edgy at times and thus may cross the line too often for comfort. Nevertheless, he writes some provocative material and often causes us to grapple where we may not have grappled before. However, I must say the Quincy does raise some legitimate questions with Xavier's recent post. I like the approach he is taking in dealing with this issue. I am eager to see how he further explains his concerns and how he offers correction. I am interested to see how this develops and where Christ will be glorified through the truth being known and the reconciliation of ideas.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,

I was surprised you highlighted this on your blog. But, I'm glad you did because it is a very important discussion.

I just posted my next phase of rebuttal:

"Expositional Preaching - Black, White, or Biblical?"

Hope you are edified and encouraged of heart to preach the Word!

Jude 2-3,


Anonymous said...

btw, I was also very encouraged by your kind words. Glory to God.