Monday, June 04, 2007

A Fresh Word, A Fresh Beat, and Alistair Begg

Check this out. This is good stuff.


LouLove said...

Somebody say Al, somebody say Alister, somebody say Begg, now screeeeam.

Now that was tight!

wayner said...

Did you check out the SM Lockridge video? That worked really well.

Perry said...

Man Carter,

Good find dawg!

Anonymous said...


I remember when the thought of anything hiphop made you sick......and Adrian hated it worse than you..

Fruits of the spirit homey....


ajcarter said...

Well, my man Meff. No, hip hop did not then nor does it now make me sick. In its proper context, I have always thought it redeemable.

Also, hate is too strong a word. I try to reserve that for the sin I find all too frequently in my life.

Hip hop is entertaining, when it is well done and respectful. I do believe our conversations centered on culture and worship more than on entertainment.

Nevertheless, even now my opinions may be more mellow than they were before. I hope I continue to grow and gain wisdom in these areas.

But even more important than all this is how you and the Mrs. are doing? I pray married life is being for you all that God promises it to be. I pray you are being sanctified by it and that you are rejoicing in the gift God has so graciously given you.

Good to hear from you my man. Hope to see you in August.

Anonymous said...

YEH! That's whats up.