Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Golden Compass

Have you seen the trailer for The Golden Compass? It looks very interesting. My son received a couple of movie passes for Christmas and we plan to go see The Golden Compass soon. Apparently some Christians have sought to boycott the film because of the anti-religion bias of the author of the books upon which the film is based. I suppose you will have to judge such things for yourself. Here is a good review of the film, taking into consideration the issues surrounding it. I plan to see it because it seems like just the type of movie around which my son and I can have great discussion about the nature of the kingdom of God and the challenges the world, the flesh, and the devil pose. Besides, it just looks good!


GUNNY said...

I'll probably watch it at some point, since I'm a bit of a Nicole Kidman fan.

However, I won't see it at the theater, partly because I'd rather not fund the evildoer, but perhaps more so because I rarely see a movie while it's still in the theater.

The Christian community loves the extremes though, it seems to me. The Passion and Narnia stuff must have been created and directed by the Lord Himself, while the Golden Compass and the Da Vinci Code were directed by Cecil B. Devil.

I can't say much since I've not see the Compass, but I think this too shall pass.

Scotty J. Williams said...

It's actually a good movie, and believe it or not but it was really good and ended up supporting biblical Christianity rather than the mainstream folk religion that calls itself Christianity. I'm actually using the Golden Compass as part of my sermon for this Sunday LOL. It is funny because a lot of atheists and non-Christian folks who were at the theater said that the movie did not do the book justice, and that it was not aimed at being atheistic at all. One other interesting thing is that I was in a chat room where they were talking about the final book where the main characters kill "The Authority" who is supposed to be God, but you find out that The Authority is Satan, and he has set himself up as God and established his own churches and blinded the people of their world to the truth. One character says that the battle is about the fight for free will, and as at that part I just laughed because we all know that creatures acting out of the "free will" in the the quest for redemption apart from God will only end up doing more damage. Nevertheless it is an awesome movie that I recommend people go and see, but if your conscience is against it, then don't go. Like Luther said, "To go against conscience is neither right nor safe."