Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Christ-Centric Life

A few years ago while I was in Maryland preaching at Hillcrest Baptist Church, I had the pleasure of meeting a dear brother whose commitment to theology and family really impressed me and encouraged my heart. I was also taken by his name. His name is Quincy Jones. I am sure when he tells people his name, he has become use to people doing double takes and asking questions about the other Quincy Jones. Yet, once you begin to speak with Q (as he is known), you will begin to see that this is the Quincy Jones you desire to know and meet more than the other guy.

Quincy is a husband, father, budding theologian and pastor, thoughtful blogger at Truth in the Innermost, seminary student, and accomplished hip-hop artist. He has been involved with ChristCentric for years. They have produced some the most biblical/theological hip-hop music in circulation. Their album The Reformation is the epitome of this theological labor.

As a student at Southwestern Bapist Theological Seminary, Quincy has been interviewed for the seminaries online newsletter. He tells part of his story in this video:

Even in the video you can hear a brother whose heart and mind are seeking Christ and his kingdom. Brothers like Quincy remind me and encourage me that God's kingdom is going forth and that He continues to raise up faithful African-American men with a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Quincy I am reminded that the kingdom is Christ-Centric and so should our lives be.


GUNNY said...

Let's not anoint him just yet ... he's not perfect. He is a Washington Redskins fan, you know?!

Other than that ... two thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Bro. Carter,

I have heard some of this brother's lyrics and read some comments of his on blogs, and I agree with you.

Thanks for more info on this brother.

On a different note, you should check out "The Atonement" by's a great listen.

Your Brother in Christ,

LC from NLFC, Vernon Hills, IL

Anonymous said...

brothers, i am humbled...whatever grace you see in know it is Christ's. may my life and ministry reflect our Lord, His grace and his glory.

gunny...little story for you... When we were moving to DFW my folks would ask..."So, you going to become a Cowboys fan?" my reply was..."that's like saying that I'll become an Arminian!" :-)

GUNNY said...

"that's like saying that I'll become an Arminian!"

Whoa, Q! Keep it clean, this is a family-friendly venue. We don't need that kind of language up in here.


Actually, I completely understand your wounded feelings.

I'm from St. Louis and a lifelong, die-hard Cardinals fan.

Yet, my family back home had such little faith in me that they actually called me during the 2004 NLCS to make sure I wasn't tender that the disAstros were going to eat it ... Reno-style.

I was offended that they could think my loyalties and common sense could be squandered just because of geography.

The reality was the opposite; I became even more pro-Cardinals and anti-disAstros during the years of great rivalry.

Keep the faith, brother.