Saturday, February 16, 2008

Washington Post on Redmond

I have blogged several times on my man Eric Redmond, pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church. Those who know Eric know what a wonderful asset he is to the church and to our desire for Reformation among African-Americans. Apparently the Washington Post has discerned this as well. Eric and Hillcrest are featured in today's feature article on faith. Check it out.

The bow tie is not the left over remains of the Nation of Islam, but remnants of an academician turned pastor. We might need to reformed that as well.


Anonymous said...

yes, reform the bow tie!! :-)

Reformed4ever said...

I read the article, and I think it presented our brother in a very good light. It made me excited to follow and hang on the coat tails of such humble yet bold brothers for the true gospel.

For the record, I like the bowtie on Pastor Redmond, but being in academia myself I wear neck ties only.

Also thanks, Anthony, for mention my blog: Forward to the Reformation.