Thursday, January 19, 2006

Awesome God

Recently I was asked to participate in a review colloquium, of sorts, for the Children's Music CD published by Sovereign Grace Ministries entitled "Awesome God." While I could review this music and give my assessment of it, I thought it more appropriate and even fun to enlist the opinions of my children in this exercise. Not only would it allow me to be lazy (as I am prone to do) but it also gave me an opportunity to hear from them concerning their opinion of music and what they like and don't like listening to. For your information, the two reviewers are my son Tony, 11 (actually he is 10 until next month - but you know how that is), and my oldest daughter, Rachel, 9. I found their reviews interesting and thoughtful. While I did not always agree with them, most of the time they made good points. I asked them to write what they would say if someone wanted their opinion on whether or not to buy the CD.

Tony: "I would say yes to someone who wanted to buy this CD. It is good for children because it tells about God. If someone wanted to know truly who God is - listen to Awesome God."

Rachel: "You should buy this CD because it is a good CD for children and if they learn the songs they will learn how to grow closer to God."

Here is a sampling of some of their opinions of individual songs:

Almighty Creator: "I like this song. It tells us of God's purpose in creating us. It also tells us that we are to worship God because he created us to worship him." - Tony

Forever God: "I like this song because it says that God is everlasting and that He goes on and on and on." - Rachel

You Are Always with Me: "I like the words because it tells us that God will never leave us, even in the dark He is there. I did not like the music." -Tony

Your Love: "This is my fav.....orite song! It has a good beat and it says God's love is like a river." -Rachel

Too often Christian Children Music is nothing more than mature testimonies sung with immature voices. You are often left wondering just how much of the song do the children really understand. Or how much of the song have the children truly experienced. Bob Kauflin and the good folks at Sovereign Grace sought to rectify that situation. And well they did. They produced a CD suitable and appropriate for children, both intellectually and experientially. Though the music has a definite cultural slant, the words are transcultural and God-exalting. Kauflin and the Gang are to be commended.

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My kids enjoy this CD too!