Saturday, April 29, 2006

Home Again!

Returned home last night from the Together for the Gospel Conference. In a word or two (or three), "It was Glorious!" I will have more to say about the content of the messages next week. For now, let me just say that if you were not there, you should have been. If you were there, your only regret is that it had to end. There was not one bad session. Nor was there a time when I desired to be in another place, maybe another seat, but not another place :-). If you are so inclined, and you should be, you can order the audio set of the conference from Sovereign Grace Ministries. Again, I will say more later. However, I will share with you a quote from John Owen that was shared by CJ Mahaney. CJ delivered a powerfully challenging and important message on the importance of ministers watching their life and doctrine. He made the comment that we have not truly learned the Scriptures until we live the Scriptures. According to Owen, "As we learn all to practice, so we learn much by practice." I would add, respectfully, to Owen's comment, that as we learn all to practice, so we must seek to practice all that we learn. Let us not only theorize on the glories of a sovereign God; let us not only preach the glories of a sovereign God, but let us also and equally live before the face of the glories of a Sovereign God (coram deo).


Ligon Duncan said...


Thanks for your very kind words, and for coming. One of my very few disappointments about T4G was not getting to see and talk with you. During the last panel, I almost ask you to meet me somewhere. I wish I had!

Your friend,


ajcarter said...

Thanks Ligon.

If the Lord again gives us opportunity to be in the same place at the same time, we must take full advantage of it and make each others acquaintance. For me, it would be an honor.

Thanks for your faithfulness and example.