Sunday, April 16, 2006

Trust the Resurrected King

On this Blessed Day I am reminded that we have a High Priest who sympathizes with our weaknesses. Therefore we can with confidence draw near unto the Throne of Grace and receive mercy and help for our lean souls.

Hast thou been hungry, child of Mine?
I, too, have needed bread;
For forty days I tasted naught
Till by the angels fed.
Hast thou been thirsty? On the cross
I suffered thirst for thee;
I've promised to supply thy need,
My child, come unto Me.

Perhaps thy way is weary oft,
Thy feet grow tired and lame;
I wearied when I reached the well,
I suffered just the same:
And I bore the heavy cross
I fainted 'neath the load;
And so I've promised rest to all
Who walk the weary road.
Doth Satan sometimes buffet thee,
And tempt thy soul to sin?
Do faith and hope and love grow weak?
Are doubts and fears within?
Remember I was tempted thrice
By this same foe of thine;
But he could not resist the Word,
Nor conquer pow'r divine.

When thou art sad and tears fall fast
My heart goes out to thee,
For I wept o'er Jerusalem --
The place so dear to me:
And when I came to Lazarus' tomb
I wept -- my heart was sore;
I'll comfort thee when thou dost weep,
Till sorrows all are o'er.
Do hearts prove false when thine is true?
I know the bitter dart;
I was betrayed by one I loved --
Who lay close to my heart.
I loved My own, they love Me not,
My heart was lonely too;
I'll never leave thee, child of Mine,
My loving heart is true.
Have courage, then, My faithful one,
I suffered all the way,
Thy sensitive and loving heart
I understand today;
Whate'er thy grief, whate'er thy care
Just bring it unto Me;
Yea, in thy day of trouble call,
I will deliver thee.
(by Susan Umlauf)

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