Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BAD on Arrival

Yesterday I came across an Augustine quote that is vintage Augustine and biblical theology. The quote comes from the Confessions (naturally) and is Augustine reflecting upon his sinfulness even as an infant. He demonstrates that our sinfulness and selfishness is not a learned trait but an inherited one. According to Augustine:
Then I knew only to suck, to repose in what pleased, and to cry at what offended my flesh, nothing more. Afterwards I began to smile, first in sleep, then waking. So it was told to me of myself, and I believed it, for we see the like in other infants, though of myself I do not remember it. Thus, little by little, I became conscious of where I was and began to want to express my wishes to those who could content them. But I could not express them because the wishes were inside of me, and they outside; nor could they by their senses enter into my spirit. So I flung about at random, limbs and voices, making the few signs I could and such as I could, like "though in truth very little like" what I wished. And when I was not immediately obeyed, my wishes being harmful to me or unintelligible, then I was indignant with my elders for not submitting to me, with those owing me no service, for not serving me, and avenged myself on them by tears.

Today I received confirmation of this truth from a combination of John Piper and Michael Jackson (check it out). One thing is for sure, like John says, we are all bad. And like Augustine reminds, we are bad on arrival. Thank God for Grace in Christ. Thank God that Christ lovingly obeyed His parents for me - even as my substitute. Christ is the only baby ever born who was not bad on arrival. Though our Lord is BAD!


John said...

Ha! I'm laughing. I hate to admit it but I enjoyed hearing that song again, brings back old, old memories.

The point is so true. "There is none that doeth good..."

Cap Stewart said...

I've always believed Piper had a sense of rhythm. Thanks for the laugh.

And thanks for visiting us at Cornerstone in Knoxville last Sunday!