Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Enter you PIN

I have been out of town and very busy for the last few days and have not had the opportunity to post. When I finally got around to the computer again and to check my email, I found this picture in my inbox. Is this farfetched, or no?


johnMark said...

There are some or atleast one church that has electronic giving machines. I'm not sure what else to call them.

This very well may be in the future though I my guess is it's not the future.

Hey, maybe some folks will buy debit gift cards and put them in the collection basket.

Who knows...

Anonymous said...


That picture is grieving because there are church's who may not have the 'electronic baskets', but communicate this type of belief to their members.

Thank you for visiting Knoxville last weekend and preaching on the study of God's word. Strong, My brotha, Strong!

It's always great seeing you. Take care.


ParkerJ said...

That is so eerie. I was just thinking about this the other day. I was sitting back wondering if somebody would think of this kind of invention.

ajcarter said...

Thanks Rod,
It is always good when I get to come to Cornerstone and fellowship.