Thursday, October 19, 2006

In Submission to Sovereignty

Let us welcome another Reformed African-American brother into the world of the bloggers. Keith Tolbert has begun blogging at In Submission to Sovereignty. Keith is a good man, who has a very interesting story to tell. Read his story, and give him a visit. We need more men like Keith willing to stand up for Christ, the Church, and the Truth. Way to go, Keith!

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Scotty J. Williams said...

Hello brother Tolbert, and welcome to the world of bloggers. Keep on representing the Reformed Faith,
and God Bless.

Also I just want to send my greetings to you Anthony, and I pray that all is well in your world. I have some wonderful news, and it is that I will be taking another trip to Kenya next summer. I have been given the privilege to organize and lead a pastor's conference with a church in Kisumu, and I have gladly accepted it. To read up on the conference check out my blog.