Thursday, December 07, 2006

LaRue on Black Preaching

Here is an interesting lecture on the nature of African-American preaching by Dr. Cleophus J. LaRue. LaRue is an associate professor of Homiletics at Princeton Theological Seminary. He has written widely on black preaching, including a book I am currently reading entitled Power in the Pulpit: How America's Most Effective Black Preachers Prepare Their Sermons. The lecture is entitled: "The Heart of Black Preaching." After you listen to it, it would love to hear some of your comments concerning his understanding of preaching in general and Black preaching in particular. He seems to make some good, insightful points; yet I question some of his conclusions. But more on that later. I would love to hear your thoughts. So, check it out if you can.

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Scotty J. Williams said...

It was a great lecture, but I still have a couple of minutes to hear the rest. Anyways please pray for me bro because I will be traveling to Switzerland in a week or so.
God Bless,