Saturday, December 23, 2006

Too Hot to "Handel"

One of the greatest achievements of human history is George Frideric Handel's Messiah. Is Christmas ever really Christmas without hearing at least one rendition of The Messiah? And without a doubt, it contains one of the most recognizable and memorable musical movements ever penned, namely The Hallelujah Chorus. But I am wondering today, what would Handel think of the recent interpretation "Too Hot To Handel: A Modern Messiah?"
I am not inclined to believe that Beethoven's Ninth can not be improved upon. If you ever hear someone fiddling with Beethoven's magnum opus, do us all a favor and insist that they fiddle no more. Demand that they sit and listen and not presume upon such greatness. Yet, with Handel's creation, I am inclined to see it as more fluid and open to interpretation. Thus, we have heard many good renditions. Is "Too Hot To Handel" another? Apparently, NPR thinks so. Click on this link to read the story and hear a sample of the Gospel/Jazz interpretation. What do you think?

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Nappily Evah Aftah said...

The sampler is...okay. Marin musta missed Quincy's "Handel's Messiah A Soulful Celebration" — totally. I've not heard a better "jazzed up" Messiah, since...