Friday, December 01, 2006

What's In the Bible

You may recall a while back I mentioned that at our church we were beginning a series of midweek studies on "What's In The Bible: A Survey from Genesis to Revelation". Audio messages from the series are being made available for download and listening at the church's website.


meff said...


do you have any other audio availible online ??

ajcarter said...

Hey Meff,
So good to hear from you, my man. Unfortunately, I do not have any other audio online. However, there is more being posted on our church's website every week. I do plan to have more online once my new website is up and running. Check back for more info on that.

Man, I hope all is well with the newlyweds. Please let me know when the little Meffs are on the way :-).

Peace to you my friend.