Monday, October 22, 2007

Miami on My Mind

As the Miami Pastors Conference is quickly approaching, I just wanted to remind everyone who has not registered to get registered. This year promises to be great. According to recent reports, registrations are up and ahead of last years pace. It promises to be the best attended of these conferences and the subject matter could not be more needful and relevant. There will also be a workshop for ministry wives as the conference continues to grow and invite all to come. To get the latest on the conference and to register go here. With Miami on my mind, don't be surprised if I don't have more to say as the time draws near.


Ebony Puritan said...

Man Tony!

I am so excited about this conference! I cannot wait to hear what you, Pastor Armstrong, and the other speakers have for us through the power of the LORD Jesus. I cannot wait to see you there. Look for me brother! I'll be at the KNOX Seminary booth!!!!!

Donald H said...

For some of us bivocational brothers that are right at the po' folk level, help a brother out so he can the confernce on CD or MP3 since I probably won't make it to Miami. Let me know if you still have my email.

Thanks. God Bless