Thursday, October 25, 2007

Writing and Talking

I have had the privilege and pleasure of writing a little bit. Over the short span of my life, I have had the privilege of having several articles published as well as a book. Lord willing, there will be another book published sometime next year. However, while I thank God for the opportunity and ability to write, I am no where near the writer I hope to be. I have much to learn and I pray by God's grace to learn it and share it with others. Yet, because I have written, many people assume I have all the answers to their writing woes. The fact is, I am ever learning my self.

Today, I was reminded of the words I often tell my son when he is writing. I tell him to write like he talks. And then when he does. I tell him not to write like he talks. Sounds confusing? My son thinks so too. Actually Dave Zimmerman of IVP clears up the confusion for us in article "Writing, Talking, and Best Practices: An Editor's Diatribe" (HT:JT). Dave writes:

There are at least two principles in writing a book:
1. Write like you talk.

2. Don’t write like you talk.
Most people can get one or the other right. The challenge—and, on the face of it, the impossible task—is to get both right. more

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Hey Anthony, Speaking of writing, I am getting ready to send my proposal to InterVarsity press. Would you like to help me by reading over some things? My email is

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