Friday, October 12, 2007

Who is Jesus the Christ?

Here is a sista who seems to get it. She seems to indict all of our fadish notions and cuts to the heart of the matter, namely, who is Jesus. Might we be encouraged to know that all have not bowed the knee to the inticing gods of this present church age, though far too many have.


Lionel Woods said...

This sister was killing it bro. Her articulation of the Gospel was clear, precise, and convicting even to my soul.

Ebony Puritan said...

Man she laid it down flat!

I agree with Lionel Woods' reply 1000%. And she looks very young. It is always a real blessing to my soul to see a young person not give into this modern day "cool and rich Jesus" epidemic, and stand firmly with the Christ of Scripture.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this piece. She communicated very effectively. Like we use to tell cats back in the day coming out of barber shop after getting your hair faded, 'That's tight'.

(the brown bald brotha in Knoxville)